How Many Words are in Pages?

  • 500 words is 1 page
  • 1,000 words is 2 pages
  • 1,500 words is 3 pages
  • 2,000 words is 4 pages
  • 2,500 words is 5 pages
  • 3,000 words is 6 pages
  • 4,000 words is 8 pages
  • 5,000 words is 10 pages
  • 7,500 words is 15 pages
  • 10,000 words is 20 pages
  • 20,000 words is 40 pages
  • 25,000 words is 50 pages
  • 30,000 words is 60 pages
  • 40,000 words is 80 pages
  • 50,000 words is 100 pages
  • 60,000 words is 120 pages
  • 70,000 words is 140 pages
  • 75,000 words is 150 pages
  • 80,000 words is 160 pages
  • 90,000 words is 180 pages
  • 100,000 words is 200 pages

Pages to words conversions:

  • 1 page is 500 words
  • 2 pages is 1,000 words
  • 3 pages is 1,500 words
  • 4 pages is 2,000 words
  • 5 pages is 2,500 words
  • 6 pages is 3,000 words
  • 7 pages is 3,500 words
  • 8 pages is 4,000 words
  • 9 pages is 4,500 words
  • 10 pages is 5,000 words
  • 15 pages is 7,500 words
  • 20 pages is 10,000 words
  • 25 pages is 12,500 words
  • 30 pages is 15,000 words
  • 40 pages is 20,000 words
  • 50 pages is 25,000 words
  • 60 pages is 30,000 words
  • 70 pages is 35,000 words
  • 75 pages is 37,500 words
  • 80 pages is 40,000 words
  • 90 pages is 45,000 words
  • 100 pages is 50,000 words


How To Come Up With Good Topics For Research Papers: Effective Tips

Choosing a good topic will make writing a research paper an easy and pleasant task. However, it may be difficult to come up with an original idea. If you struggle with this, use the following tips:

  • Always choose the topics based on the material you’ve already covered in class.

This will reduce the range number of your options making it easier to pick one. It may seem that writing about something completely new will draw more interest from the readers, but you need to consider how much time you actually have to complete this assignment. Researching a topic from a scratch will take a great deal of effort. This will also increase the chance of you making a mistake due to not understanding the issue completely.

  • Pick the topics that are of personal interest to you.

This will help you stay motivated while writing. It is also easier to choose a topic when you focus on thinking about the things you genuinely enjoy and how they can be related to the subject at hand.

Make sure that the topic you choose is broad enough to fill the paper of the assigned size, and narrow enough for you to cover it thoroughly.

  • Brainstorm the ideas with your friends.

A study session with your classmates where you exchange ideas is one of the most efficient ways to come up with an interesting topic. This type of activity will allow you to see the issues you discuss from different angles, which can inspire you.

  • Study various professional publications or popular periodicals.

You need to stay informed about the latest changes and developments in your field of study, as it is always best to write about the topics that are relevant at the moment. This will make the readers take your paper more seriously, especially if you present the issue from a unique point of view and offer some solid evidence.

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Criminal Research Paper Topic Examples

In case nothing seems to help, look at the following list of prompts. Perhaps one of them will inspire you:

  1. When does art stop being art?
  2. The role of bridges in American infrastructure.
  3. Should the companies that open production facilities in some underdeveloped countries pay their employees more?
  4. How are child soldiers born?
  5. Should the Internet be censored?
  6. Are civil unions more stable than marriages?
  7. Methods of improving mine safety in the U.S.
  8. Efficient strategies to combat the recent climate changes.
  9. Are feminists still needed in the U.S.?
  10. Benefits of using fitness as a form of team-building activity.

Social Justice Issues

  1. Race
  2. Race and crime: Problematic issues
  3. Social institutions and criminal justice
  4. Gender
  5. Mental or Physical Ability
  6. Social engineering and criminal justice
  7. Employment and crime: Key characteristics
  8. Religion
  9. Social Changes in the USA: Problematic issues
  10. Education Laws
  11. Drunk drivers and the form of punishment
  12. Criminal justice, sociology & psychology
  13. Gun control problem in the USA
  14. Policing Laws
  15. New Prisons: Are they a must in the USA?
  16. How to help abused children
  17. Voting Laws
  18. Racism in Today’s US Society
  19. Nationality
  20. Environmental Laws
  21. Parental abduction laws
  22. Age
  23. Sexual Orientation
  24. Rehabilitation and moralities
  25. Labor Laws
  26. Health Care Laws
  27. Mass incarceration and social control
  28. Education

Crime Theory & Victimization Research Paper Topics

  1. Correlations between crime and ethnicity
  2. Mental Illness and Crime.
  3. Victimization.
  4. Gender and Crime.
  5. Race and Crime.
  6. Intelligence and Crime.
  7. Neighborhoods and Crime.
  8. Immigration and Crime.
  9. Religion and Crime.
  10. Social Class and Crime.
  11. Criminal Law Topics
  12. Environmental and Wildlife crimes
  13. How competent is the international criminal court?
  14. Jailhouse informants.
  15. Fake I.D. and under-age drinking amongst students
  16. Felony defense.
  17. Battered woman syndrome.
  18. Driving to suicide. From bullying to psychological tortures
  19. Stalking.
  20. International criminal law
  21. Socioeconomic offenses.
  22. Intellectual property law/copyright law. .
  23. How does cyberlaw contribute to the overall security of the state?
  24. Why the same crime has such a wide range of punishments?
  25. Religious Laws and Religious Crimes in developing and developed countries
  26. Classical Criminology and its theories. Shall they be reviewed now?
  27. Field work of the criminologists: from the beginning to the modern world

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Controversial Topics

  1. Rape culture and the victim’s rights.
  2. Police shootings
  3. Living vegan: is it good for health?
  4. Can someone invent a new religion just for personal purposes?
  5. Pornography as a form of sexual violence.
  6. Do churches become business now?
  7. Prison rape and violence
  8. Plea agreement/bargain
  9. Child transitioning: shall it be allowed?
  10. Shall national cultures be preserved in the age of globalization?
  11. Carrying a concealed weapon.
  12. False accusation
  13. The ethics of surrogate motherhood
  14. Enforcement and effectiveness of stalking laws
  15. Teenage marriages: are there cases when they are justified?
  16. Can euthanasia count as palliative treatment?
  17. Restorative justice for offenders: How effective is restorative justice?
  18. Prisoners being granted the right to work.
  19. A controversy surrounding the legalization of prostitution
  20. Research on the presence of racism in the current justice system

Other Criminal Justice Topics

  1. Is there a relationship between social class and crime?
  2. Has information sharing technology improved in crime against terrorism?
  3. Should all employers run a background criminal check on all new employees?
  4. Are delinquency cases higher in immigrant childrens?
  5. What problems have cropped up in prisons crowding?
  6. Date rape and what can be done to avoid?
  7. Divorce and the law of personal property.
  8. Discuss the deterrence and rational choice theory.
  9. Legal age for drinking alcohol.
  10. What is the relationship between mental illness and crime?
  11. How is jury selection done?
  12. Is community policing an effective program against home grown crimes?
  13. What is the motivation behind hate crimes?
  14. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking how can we ensure children are safe from this?
  15. Discuss Witness Protection Programme.
  16. DNA Evidence: How criminal procedure has changed.
  17. Do most arrests of youth test positive for drug use?
  18. Marijuana: Legalizing marijuana.
  19. Gay and lesbian marriage: A story in progress.
  20. What is the impact of white collar crimes in the society?
  21. US prison population: Why is it one of the highest in the world? Do we ove
  22. Constitutional safeguards for the Fifth Amendment.
  23. Discuss the strain theory.
  24. Roe. Vs. Wade- The case that settled the prolife & prochoice debate.
  25. Should high schools and colleges develop a school based drug testing?
  26. Racial profiling: Is there personal bias behind racial profiling?
  27. What is your government doing to help protect children from online predators?
  28. Defense on grounds of insanity: How the US criminal system deals with it.
  29. What does plea bargaining offer to juvenile delinquents?
  30. Confession scenarios.
  31. DNA Testing and Offender Profiling.
  32. Criminal Procedures.
  33. Child labor.
  34. What is the relationship between aggression and crime?
  35. Parental Abduction: What happens when a parent takes a child across borders?
  36. Contract law.



The compare and contrast essay is usually a part of the middle school writing program. It is also a tricky assignment. The two sides need to be equal and they both need to be supported with credible and academic references. Your kids will need to select the perfect topic and then execute it with precision. There are many places where you can find appropriate topics: online, from your teacher, at a writing site, and we have provided a list for you as well.

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  1. Raul Castro to Fidel Castro or any two leaders to each other
  2. Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II
  3. American football to European football
  4. Middle School to High School
  5. Twitter and Facebook
  6. AOL to Yahoo
  7. Ipad Schools to Laptop Schools
  8. Speaking Spanish to Speaking French or Learning Spanish to Learning French
  9. The State of Florida to the State of California
  10. Mechanical Engineering to Electrical Engineering or any other engineering field of study
  11. Different cell phone to each other, or any different brands of electronics to each other
  12. Any car model to another car model or airplanes to each other
  13. Two popular types of sports or tennis shoes to each other
  14. Two countries, cities, or states to each other
  15. Two theme parks to each other or any two tourist attractions to each other

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Once you pick the topic, look carefully at the teacher instructions. See when your due dates are and then look to see how much research you will need for each of your main ideas. You may have to provide an electronic submission, a hard copy, an outline, a reference page, and hard copies of your research.

Additionally, you will want to make sure the paper is typed in a 12-point font, that you use a plain font such as Arial, and that it is double-spaced throughout the paper. Your teacher should be able to tell you whether he or she wants an APA or a MLA format.

If you struggle at any step of the process, go and see your teacher. If you are still having difficulty, you may want to hire a tutor or a writing company. They can help you with your paper and help you to learn how to do it own your own in the future.

How to Outline a Research Paper

An outline is the skeleton of your essay or assignment. It makes easier for the writer to arrange his ideas and thoughts in a logical order. This actually is how you want the paper to look like. No one else can do this better than you. It is your paper and you may approach it in a unique manner. You may want to keep a curiosity until the end or move in a chronological order. Therefore, it totally depends upon you how you arrange your data.


An outline helps you reduce your efforts by almost 50%. When you have the basic structure of your research paper, you can easily expand it into words and sentences. The outline will help you in moving an order and you will not miss anything out in your paper. You can always double-check all the data you need to enter in your research paper by looking at the outline. When you have the outline for your paper, it becomes relatively easy to finish your paper on time and even research for specific areas.

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If you are supposed to create an outline for your research paper then you should begin by carrying out all the research that you need for your paper. Enter the title of your research paper on top. After that, write your thesis statement. When this is done, you need to include your major arguments and indicate them in roman numbering. The supporting argument can be represented by capital alphabets like A, B, C etc

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The first Roman numeral should be the introduction of your paper. This is where you show what your paper aims at. This is going to be telling your reader how successful you were in proving your point in the rest of your paper.

The last Roman numeral should be the conclusion of your paper, where you summarize your complete research. If you want to write a good outline for your research paper, you should have all the data with you before you begin the outline. If you have to include something else in your paper in the later phase, it will get difficult to accommodate it in your paper. You will have to write the whole outline again to make sure the numbers and alphabets are in correct order.

Here is how your outline should look like

  • Title of your research paper
  • Thesis statement of your research paper
  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Major arguments ( at least three)
  • Supporting arguments (represented by A, B, C…)
  • The effect and causes
  • Significance of the paper
  • Persuasive argument for your topic
  • Conclusion

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Porter’s Five Forces Model

Application and Critique – How can it be used to gain a competitive advantage


Michael Eugene Porter is a professor at Harvard Business School. He is renowned for his research and numerous writings on strategic management, corporate strategy and competitiveness of industry and nations.  In 1980, Porter put forth a framework that describes how competitiveness and profitability are influenced as a result of interaction of five forces: the bargaining power of suppliers, the bargaining power customers, the availability of substitutes, the threat of new entrants and rivalry among existing competitors. During 1980s the framework or model devised by Porter was widely acknowledged by business managers as a simple yet powerful tool and was vastly regarded as a well-known theory in business management in general and in the field of strategic management in particular.

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A considerable research has been conducted on strategic management and competitive advantage by many reputed authors during past three decades. Although a number of these researchers have disagreed with Porter’s over-simplistic and down playing view about some other critical factors, yet they have recognized this model as being still relevant and useful in development of marketing strategy in a highly competitive business environment.   Porter’s standpoint about the reliability of five forces model is that extensive research evidence has established the effectiveness of the framework for having a textured understanding of an industry. An organization can use it to determine attractiveness and profitability of a particular industry by taking into account the pattern of interaction between the five competitive forces.

One of the major critiques on the five forces model is that it only envisages the zero-sum game, i.e. an organization can succeed at the expense of its competitors. However, organizations are widely recognizing the importance of the value that other players e.g. suppliers can add. This has encouraged the establishment of a collaborative relation that can be beneficial for both parties. For example Toyota and Honda coordinate closely with the suppliers for ensuring timely delivery of parts at right time, cost and best quality. Another criticism of the model is that it only considers the impact of substitutes, whereas several products- both goods and services have a complementary correlation. Influence of the complements on competition and profitability has been overlooked altogether.  The role of dynamic forces such as innovation and entrepreneurship has also been ignored considering that industry structure is substantially stable and competitive behavior is predictable. On account of rapidly changing customer preferences and expectations the organizations resort to perpetual creative destruction for retaining their market share and sustainable growth. Hence, the model can be termed as a static analysis representing a traditional view of strategy. This retards its capability to cope with the dynamism of contemporary business environment.

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Micheal E. Porter’s contribution for development of concepts pertaining to industry and competitive analysis is immensely lauded and acclaimed. He promotes the idea of conducting structural analysis of industries so as the firm can have a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. After having a pragmatic self-assessment and a clear view of prevailing business conditions, the organization will be in a better position to harness its potential for profitability and attaining competitive edge over competitors at the same time it can develop a strategy for minimizing adverse impacts of various threats. Although the five forces model has been broadly appreciated by business managers the world over, yet as a result of extensive research on strategic management and competitive advantage during past three decades several authors have presented divergent views on the subject. Some researchers with dynamic and progressive thoughts have criticized Porter’s model on a number of counts such as stagnant view, over simplification and underplaying relevant industry factors.
In nutshell, irrespective of a few shortcoming and drawbacks, Porter’s five forces model is still commended by modern researchers for its practicality and utility for development of a business strategy aimed at enhancing profitability and achieving competitive advantage.

History Research Paper Topics

A list of fantastic history paper topics for students to use:

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  1. Medieval and Renaissance Europe
    • The middle ages
    • Life in the renaissance
    • Life in Medieval Europe
    • About the plague
    • What was the Carolingian empire?
    • What was marriage like in medieval times?
    • What was the hundred-year war?
    • What was inquisition about?
    • About knights and knighthood during medieval times
    • What were economics like?
    • What was medieval law?
    • What was the Ottoman Empire?
    • What was reformation?
    • Notable Renaissance art
    • Notable Renaissance literature
    • What was life like for women in the middle ages?
    • What was life like for women in during the renaissance?
  2. Europe in the 1900’s
    • All about WWI
    • Who was Lawrence of Arabia?
    • Who was Chester Nimitz?
    • What was the treaty of Versailles
    • What caused WWI
    • Diplomatic history pre WWI
    • All about WWII
    • What caused WWII
    • What was the Atlantic Wall
    • About Auschwitz
    • What was the Battle of Britain about?
    • What was the battle of the Bulge about?
    • What was Blitzkrieg?
    • Who was Vannevar Bush?
    • About children of the Holocaust
    • Who was Winston Churchill?
    • What were concentration camps?
    • What was Dachau?
    • What happened on D-Day
    • Who was Dwight Eisenhower?
    • Describe German resistance of Hitler
    • Who was Adolf Hitler?
    • Do some people deny the Holocaust?
    • About Holocaust survivors
    • About Japanese-American internment
    • About Nazi Germany
    • Describe Nazi Propaganda
    • Who else was victimized by the Holocaust
    • What was Pearl Harbor about?
  3. Modern History
    • Life after WWII
    • The 1960’s
    • The 1970’s
    • The 1980’s
    • The 1990’s
    • The 2000’s
    • What was the Vietnam War?
    • What was the Cultural Revolution?
    • What is the most important historical event in the last decade?
    • The impact of September 11th
    • Cultural changes in the United States
    • Most important economical event of the last decade
    • Why did the stock market crash in 2008?
    • The current state of the U.N
    • What was the Cold War about?
    • What was the Cuban Missile crisis about?
    • North Korea today
    • China today
    • What does the future hold?
    • Important historical events of the 2000’s
    • What was the gulf war about?
    • What was the war against terrorism?
    • What was in the war in Afghanistan about?
    • Who is Barrack Obama?
    • The most important historical event of the last 20 years?
    • The current state of politics in the U.S
    • Recent natural disasters
    • Current global warming crisis
    • Major historical events of the last 50 years
    • Most influential president of the last 50 years

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This website is slightly rudimentary – it is easy to see that the company did not invest in its image and does not struggle to attract more customers.

On one side, the business had a great idea – it presented all the customer support agents on the website. In this way, clients will have the feeling that they talk to a human being, and not to a robot.

But on the other side, the company does not say anything about the writing team and their educational background.Online, there are also students’ testimonials who were fully satisfied with the papers received.

Types of services

Unfortunately, does not have a separate page of services offered. Clients cannot know what they can order until going to the Prices and Discounts page. This is rather uncomfortable, because students don’t have much time to browse through the pricing list.

However, here are the types of services available on this website: essay writing (admission/application essay, argumentative essay, and assignment); dissertation (the whole paper or just parts of it like abstract, introduction chapter, literature review, methodology, results and so on); research papers or proposals; PowerPoint presentations; book and movie reviews; thesis services; speeches; lab reports and even math problems.

Additionally, the website offers editing and proofreading services, including formatting. These services are available for papers written by students or for those completed by the company’s writers.


The total cost of a best essaydepends on the type of paper, on the number of pages and on the urgency. This company does not offer multiple levels of quality, but only of academic stages. Thus, one can order papers for high school, college, undergraduate, master or PhD.

The prices for an essay start from $11.30 per page for high school level and 20 day delivery, and reach $44.95 per page for PhD level and 3 hour delivery. For instance, an essay that is to be completed in 24 hours costs $28.95 per page for high school level, $29.95 per page for college level, $32.95 per page for undergraduate level, $33.95 per page for master level and $38.95 per page for PhD level. In conclusion, the prices are quite high.

Editing services are also too expensive for students’ budgets. For a decent deadline of 48 hours, one must pay $12.15 per page for high school level, $12.15 per page for college level, $12.15 per page for undergraduate level, $14.25 per page for master level and $16.35 per page for PhD level. The prices for a 24 hour delivery are even higher, though this should have depended on the number of pages submitted. For instance, a client who wants editing for a five page essay, could not wait two or more days for delivery.

Although essay writing service reviews from the website are all positive and wonderful, they do not mention if the quality-price balance is great enough as to deserve to pay a fortune for these services.


This company has a strange discount program. Here is how it works: first, students have to place an order (the total cost does not matter); out of this order, 10% of the money go into a virtual and personal account of each client; then, for each paper bought, 5% of the total sum goes into this account. Also, the company offers bonuses, too, from time to time. When customers want to use the money from their account, they just have to click on ‘Use $$ from my Balance’, from the ordering page.

In the end, in order to benefit from discounts on this webpage, students have to spend money – the more, the better. This principle is not exactly efficient for them, as they don’t have a great financial situation. It would have been nicer from the company to just offer some discounts, without conditioning them on anything.


In conclusion, despite the essay writing services reviews on its page, is not that brilliant. First of all, the website does not have a Services page and these are not presented anywhere. Next, customers cannot learn anything about the writers’ background from the company. This is an important aspect, as only professional and experienced persons are capable of completing papers at high academic standards.

Freelancers and students cannot be trusted with complex papers and tight deadlines. Further on, the prices are quite high even for high school level. The company does not offer customers the possibility of choosing from different quality levels. This option would have been great for students with low incomes who still need academic assistance. In the end, the discount program is based on a principle as problematic as the previous one – bonuses are granted depending on how much the client spends ordering papers on the website.

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College essay layout with design models and tips

If you want to know everything about essays, you need to find out why they are so important to students. A very good essay will need a lot of imagination and creativity, all this structured in a coherent manner. A teacher can find out a lot of information about a student by studying his essays and the way he structured them. Nowadays, essays have evolved to become an integral part of a student’s life. For an essay, the most important aspects are considered to be the structure and its content.

When you decided to write an essay, you need to pay attention to its format. Even if you write a perfect essay, a faulty format might decrease its overall grade considerably. There are some clear instructions you need to follow when formatting your essay, they are called MLA(Modern Language Association). If you don’t follow these instructions your examiner might consider you uncapable of following clear instructions.

As you can see, the content is only a part of the essay, your ability to structure it correctly it’s just as important. If you consider writing an essay for your college application, you should take into consideration a college application program. It has only 10 steps, but it can increase the quality of your essays drastically.

Font size, spacing, and margins

When writing an essay it’s very important to be as clean as possible. You should have a 1-inch margin on the top, bottom, and its sides. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can easily edit this margin. Here are the steps:

  1. Page Layout
  2. Margins
  3. Normal(this is the default margin in Microsoft Word)

Line spacing is very important, also. It should be double-spaced and you can do that by following this steps:

  • Select paragraph
  • Right click it
  • Click on Paragraph
  • In the Intends and Spacing tab, go to line spacing option and select Double

In terms of fonts, you should always use the Times New Roman font with a size 12. This is the only format acceptable in all academic documents. Using larger fonts to fill the papers won’t help you.


Your header should be placed in the top-left corner of your essay. You should use the left-justified indentation. This option can be easily set up in the Microsoft Word application.

The format of your essay should look like this:

1st line- Your Name
2nd line- Your teacher’s name
3rd line- The subject  and its code
4th line- Date of submission

A good model could be:
John Grotto
Dr. Michael Douglas
Economics 1025
1 march 2017

One of the most important aspects of an essay is the header, even though many don’t take it into consideration. The opening page should contain the page number, whilst from the second page, you should insert your last name before the page number.

If you want to edit your header, here’s how you can do it:

  • Click on Insert
  • Select the header tab
  • Opt for different first page
  • Select the page number box
  • When selecting top of pageoption,opt for alignment to right

First page is done, when formatting the next pages you should follow this steps:

  1. Click on Insert
  2. Select the header tab
  3. Unselect the different first-page option
  4. Go to the page number tab
  5. Align the page number to right
  6. Add your name before of the page number

The Modern Language Association rules say that every paragraph you start should have a half-inch space ahead of it. The easiest way to do this is by using the Tab key. Once you started a few paragraphs, you will usethe Tab button instinctively and it will be easier for you. Be careful, every paragraph in your essay should have this type of format.
When writing your title, you should be careful how you align it and where you place your composition. Your title’s alignment should be center and you should have oneempty line after your title. The body of your essay should start on the second line after the title, this leads to a pleasant design and easy to read. Unlike the title, when writing, your text should always be left aligned.
When writing an essay, every student should follow some simple design rules, thus create an easy to read essay and easily understandable. Apart from this, it’s vital to study the slight differences in college essays, thus improve the quality of your essays. At the moment, you know the insights of essay formatting, next we’ll focus on some inside information about writing essays. This information will make the difference and take your essay to a whole new level.

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  • Tip #1

Retain your readers’ attention, don’t make them fall asleep. You should to this by using short and easy readable sentences. Another important aspect is the active voice; you should use it as much as possible. It creates a greater impact on your reader and this will ease your communication with them.

  • Tip #2

When writing an essay, you should fully understand its subject and you shouldn’t drift away from it. It’s very easy to deviate from the subject, thus, from time to time, you should read the past paragraphs in order to refresh your mind and stick to the subject. You shouldn’t mention information about motorcycles when the topic of your essay is geography, those two don’t link. When intending to write a new paragraph, you should ask yourself: ”Is it connected to the previous paragraphs and the subject of my essay?”. If the response is positive, you should write it down.

  • Tip #3

The sentences and paragraphs of your essay should relate to each other and should have a respectable fluency. If you can’t relate the sentences to one another the quality of your essay decreases drastically. In order to have a high-quality essay,it should have one idea and you should stick to it, augment it and create a one of a kind conclusion. It’s that simple! If you stick to this plan your essay should be a high-quality one.

  • Tip #4

Stick to the design! When you are writing the essay, you should have a predetermined design and structure. Your essays should have a coherent structure in order to be easily understandable. Before starting to write your essay, use 2-3 minutes to create an outline for it, have a good image of how it’s going to look like.

  • Tip #5

Create a captivating title! When writing an essay, the title is one of the most important aspect and also one of the hardest things to create. It should accomplish two roles, it should inform the readers about the subject of your essay and it should also advertise it in a way that makes it attractive. When creating the title, put yourself in the readers’ shoes and ask yourself “Would I like to read this? Will it be interesting?”. If both responses are positive, you should go on with that title. When writing, you should always search for tips on how to write essays. Also, when creating an attractive essay, your first lines should have a great impact on the reader. They need to create a connection with your reader, thus make him want to read the entire essay. In order to achieve this, you need to find more in-depth information about how to increase the quality of your essays.

35 Online Writing Tools Students Need for Writing

So what’s the best writing software? There’s no simple answer to that question. Each writer has unique habits. You’ll have to explore few tools to come down to the perfect ones. We’ll suggest the best contenders in few categories:

  • Online thesaurus
  • Essay writing software and tools
  • Book writing software
  • Grammar and plagiarism checkers
  • Screenwriting software
  • Spelling tools
  • Microsoft Office alternatives

Let’s start!

Top Writing Tools to Try Today

We chose these categories because we wanted to target all aspects of a writer’s work. When you explore few of the following tools, you’ll have the perfect combination of tools that keep you productive.

Online Thesaurus

There are some moments when you’re completely blocked. “What’s another word for devastated?” You’re aware you’ve used that word few times in the paragraph, and the last thing you need is repetition. However, your can’t think of the perfect alternative. That’s when you need an online thesaurus.


It’s a straightforward tool that does exactly what you need it to do: it gives you alternatives of the word you have in mind. It shows the words arranged by relevance. For devastate, for example, you get ravage, raze, ruin, and wreckas priority options. You get several other suggestions you can play with. Good enough, right?

  1. Power Thesaurus

This is a crowdsourced thesaurus, and that’s exactly what makes it more fun. It’s versatile, extensive, and really easy to use. Destroyed, shattered, overwhelmed, desolated… those are only few of the suggestions you get. Similarly to, it gives you synonyms and antonyms.

  1. Thesaurus Gizmo

There’s something wrong with the online version of this tool. However, we still suggest it because of its desktop offline version. If you want to stay away from the Internet when you write, install this software and you’ll get the words you need when you’re stuck without getting distracted.

  1. Visual Thesaurus

You didn’t expect a thesaurus to be creative, did you? Well, that’s exactly what Visual Thesaurus is – a creative visual presentation of synonyms. You can even hear how the word is pronounced. If English is not your native language but you’re still writing in English, this is an extremely useful feature. You hear how the word would sound in your sentence.

  1. WordWeb

If you don’t like Thesaurus Gizmo but you still want to install an offline thesaurus on your computer, try WordWeb. It’s pretty simple, but it delivers what you need – definitions, synonyms and related words.

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Essay Writing Software and Tools

If you’re working on a literary or academic essay, you need serious efforts to stay focused. This type of work is based on extensive research and convincing argumentation. These are the tools we suggest:

  1. Google Scholar

When you’re writing an essay, you have to be serious with the research. You need authoritative arguments based on facts and evidence. Use Google Scholar instead of Google, so you’ll locate relevant data that makes your content convincing.

  1. Superior Papers

This is an online writing service that connects you with real writers. You can collaborate with an expert from a relevant category, so you’ll get the support and guidance you need. The service also offers editing assistance.

  1. Rush Essay

This is a service similar to Superior Papers. Both of these websites are great, so you can choose the one that makes a better offer for the type of work you need help with. All writers hold degrees. They are trained to work on different types of projects from all subject areas.

  1. Write Well

Is there such thing as effective essay writing software? Don’t judge before you try! This tool won’t write the essays for you. However, it will guide you through manageable chunks of the paper, so you won’t have trouble with the structure.

  1. Purdue OWL

Whatever aspect of academic writing you’re struggling with, this website will help you find the solution. It gives you guidelines on general academic writing, research and citation.

Book Writing Software

Gone are the days when writers needed just a ballpoint pen and tons of paper to do their work. Today, you have tons of tools that can make you more productive. These are the ones we suggest:

  1. Ilys

If you’re too meticulous about your first draft, you need to let go. Being a perfectionist doesn’t help at this stage. Ilys will help. The tool shows you one letter at a time. You’re focused on the progression of your thoughts, and that’s exactly what you need for productive writing.

  1. FocusWriter

Writing software with too many features will only distract your attention. You need a tool like FocusWriter – a distraction-free writing environment that supports all functions you need in a hidden menu.

  1. Novlr

This writing tool constantly autosaves your work, so you won’t be paranoid about losing it. Even a computer crash won’t be a disaster. Novlr backs up your words every 10 minutes to a separate server. Then, it saves your daily work to another server. That’s a triple security system, so you’ll definitely feel safe. The focus mode eliminates distractions. You can use the tool offline, too.

  1. WriteMonkey

WriteMonkey makes good use of Markdown, the text-editing language that lets you annotate, format, link, and classify as you type. You’ll get automatic syntax highlighting and a superb file organization system.

  1. WriteRoom

You’ll notice that most tools we suggest in this category give you a full-screen writing environment. The blank screen has a strange power. You get the urge to fill it with words ASAP. WriteRoom is another tool that encourages you to do that. It’s a simple writing environment that’s completely free of distractions.

Grammar and plagiarism checkers

If you’re wondering how to improve writing skills, you should work on these two aspects first: grammar and uniqueness. Yes, even professional writers need help with that.

  1. Comprehensive List of American and British Spelling Differences

You can use American or British English. Whatever you choose is fine. The important thing is to keep it consistent. There are subtle, but important differences in the spelling. This list will solve your dilemmas.

  1. Quick and Dirty Tips

You’re wondering about a particular tense, phrase, or sentence structure? Grammar Girl always has the answers.

  1. ProWritingAid

Although it’s an automated grammar and spelling checker, it’s really effective in catching mistakes and suggesting improvements.

  1. Hemingway App

This is more of a style-checking than a grammar-checking tool, but it fits well in this category. The Hemingway App helps you improve your style by making the sentences simpler and easier to read.

  1. Copyscape

When your work is based on research, it’s easy to fall into unintentional plagiarism. Copyscape will prevent that from happening. It scans and compares your work to online resources, so it will show you the signs of plagiarism it finds. Then, you’ll reference that work and you’ll save yourself from a disaster.

Screenwriting Software

If you’re writing screenplays, the basic tools for writers won’t be enough. You need a different kind of software. Here are 5 alternatives that work:

  1. Final Draft

There’s a claim at the website that this 95% of film and TV productions use this software. It may be an exaggeration, but the truth is that Final Draft is really good. It automatically formats your script according to industry standards.

  1. Movie Magic Screenwriter

This program allows you to write and format scripts for films, TV productions, comic books, and stage plays.

  1. Celtx

This is one of the very few free screenwriting tools that work. It has another important strength: it supports collaboration, so you can get the entire team engaged while the screenplay is being prepared.

  1. Fade In

Fade In is a tool developed by an actual filmmaker – Kent Tessman. It supports multiple languages! You can use it to outline and organize your screenplay, and navigate through it without any effort. It’s great for keeping track of rewrites and revisions, too.

  1. Adobe Story

This straightforward software lets you write screenplays and scripts as effectively as possible. It makes projects organization easy. You can share your projects with the team and collaborate with them throughout the process of development.

Spelling Tools

Really? Writers need help with spelling? Absolutely! When you’re trying to catch the flow of your thoughts, it’s not easy to spell everything properly. Microsoft Word’s grammar and spelling checker is not enough.

  1. Spell Check

It’s a nice tool to use when you want to double-check your spelling. Just paste your text and you’ll get the feedback in a matter of seconds. The advanced checker requires a subscription.

  1. Spell Check by Smart SEO Tools

Smart SEO Tools are intended for bloggers and online marketers, but you can still use it for any kind of content you’re writing. It’s a simple spell checker that catches and corrects serious misspellings.

  1. WhiteSmoke

Just paste the same text you wrote in Microsoft Word and you’ll probably notice that WhiteSmoke catches more details. It’s still software, so it can be as effective as an actual editor. Still, it’s a pretty good tool that detects grammar, spelling, and punctuation details.

  1. Ginger

It’s a pretty popular spelling checker. Why? Because it works. It catches typos, serious misspellings, misused words, and even phonetic mistakes.

  1. Grammarly

This is what the creators claim: “Instantly fix over 400 types of errors, most of which Microsoft Word can’t find.” Good enough for a try, right? Grammarly is more than a spelling checker; it’s a style enhancement tool. Whenever it finds complex words or phrases, it suggests simpler alternatives. It helps you improve the clarity of your writing.

Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office is not bad. It’s just not the right tool for everyone. If you try different tools and still want to go back to MS Word, no problem. You can always do that. However, you should still give some of these a chance:

  1. Softmaker FreeOffice

Do you know what the greatest flaw of MS Office is? You have to pay for it. FreeOffice looks really familiar and supports the same basic features, but you can use it for free.

  1. Google Docs

Does it really need an introduction? This cloud-based software lets you create different types of documents for free. You can share your documents with people you trust, so you’ll get ongoing feedback on your work.

  1. iWork

It’s basically the MS Office for Apple devices. No, that’s not true. It’s way better. It supports real-time collaboration. Plus, you can make your documents look more appealing. That’s especially important if you’re working on an eBook.

  1. Scrivener

This tool is perfectly suitable for creating long documents. You know what we mean – books. Scrolling through MS Word is not the most enjoyable thing you can think of. With Scrivener, you’ll organize your work in a structure that works for you, and you’ll instantly find the section you want to review.

  1. LibreOffice

This tool gives you all features you get from a full-featured word-processing tool such as MS Word. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and it’s absolutely free.

Remember: online writing tools are not a bad thing. In fact, when you create the ultimate toolkit that fits your style, you’ll start wondering what you’ve been doing without technology all this time. Needless to say, you can’t use all 35 tools we suggested. However, you can check them out and pick few that seem perfect for your needs. Feel free to share your impressions!

Common Grammar Mistakes in Your Essay

When you write your essay it is necessary to forget about making grammar mistakes, because they will ruin all the impression of your paper. Even if you have the best essay ever, you won’t get high grades if your paper will be full of mistakes. There are some common mistakes that almost everyone does in his or her essay writing. This article will show you what you need to pay attention to when writing your essays.

• Tenses. Don’t mix up tenses, which you use for your essay. If you write in the present tense, try to use it until the end, of course, if it is possible. If you write your paper in the past tense, write it in the past from the very beginning to conclusion. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use the necessary tense if you need, it just means that you shouldn’t jump from one tense to another.

• Contraction. Essay writing has quite an official style, so you need to avoid contraction.

• Fragments. The English language has certain rules. One of them is that every English sentence should have subject and predicate. Never forget about this in your papers.

• Double negatives. In English academic writing, it is necessary to avoid double negatives.

• Words confusion. Be attentive when you use words that sound similar but have different spelling. For example their-there, through-thorough, your-you’re, effect-affect, etc.. Also be sure that you know meanings of words, to use them correctly in your sentences.

Special attention should be paid for these ones:

  1. may and might;
  2. fewer and less;
  3. farther and further;
  4. since and because;
  5. continual and continuous;
  6. which and that;
  7. who and whom.

A lot of these words have not only difference in meaning but difference in grammar usage. Every such case has its rules and if you want to write correctly you need to know all of them, or, at least, to read these rules before writing your paper.

• Passive voice. Be aware of the passive voice. It is not good to use too much passive in your text because this will look artificial. You need to use active voice to make your language more natural and clear.

• Punctuation. There are a lot of rules for punctuation. If you want to make your essay better, you need to pay attention to commas and semicolons and other punctuation marks. Check the rule, if you have any hesitations.

• Incomplete comparisons. When you compare something, make sure that you finish the comparison. For example: “This project is better written and it is more interesting.” This sentence doesn’t look completed, so you need to finish things.

 Misplaced modifiers. You should place modifiers near the words they modify. The common mistake is missing the modified words. Be sure that you have them.

• Unclear pronoun reference. When you use pronouns you must be sure that they will refer to definite nouns. It is very important to use it, this, that, which, they, these and those very carefully. Otherwise, you will lose the coherence of your sentences and even of the whole text.

English grammar is full of rules. Moreover, it has a lot of exception to rules. Without a doubt, it is impossible to remember all of them without revising the information from time to time, but when you start writing your essay you need to be very careful. You always can use the help of online essay services. If you have a reliable one, you don’t need to worry about mistakes. There are also various programs that can check your grammar. They rally can help, but you should understand that any program can’t correct every mistake the way that people can.

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