How to Chooose the Best Topic for Essay

The very first and sometimes the most difficult part of writing an essay is choosing its subject. It is even more complicated to choose the right topic which makes you motivated to start research. Here are some tips from best writing services on how to find the topic which won’t make you and your reader getting bored out.

Guide for choose the best topic for essay writing

1. Subject of Major Interest

It seems too obvious to write about that but why so many students are afraid of essay writing and sometimes prefer to give the project to the essay services? Choosing the right topic that meets your interests will motivate you to make deep research and increase your enthusiasm. In case your topic was chosen by your professor try to find some angles of an issue that wake your interest. Avoiding that simple rule can make your text dry and boring for the reader which definitely will not help you in getting top marks.

2. Storm Your Brain
If you experience a lack of ideas about what you may research, simply start brainstorming. It is an easy and extremely productive way of getting plenty of ideas for essay topics. Start making a list of things that interest you or which refer to the given field of study. It is not necessarily terms but persons who could have even inspired you. Keep writing down everything that pops into the head until you have very long list: you will feel energetic when coming closer to the subject of interest and ideas will flow.

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3. When Size Matters
You may feel unmotivated in researching your potential topic in case you have chosen toobig area to explore. If you learn some essay samples you will notice all of them deal with the narrow subject for a reason: it is almost impossible to explore the whole subject on the 5-20 pages. After choosing your future field of research, try to narrow it until the key topic is manageable to be investigated according to academic requirements.

4. Deeper Research
In case you have already written about a subject that still interests you try to refer to your past works. That doesn’t mean you have to re-write or copy-paste your essay which is illegitimate but to go deeper in research taking new subject but staying in the boundaries of known field. Essay writing help services use such method while writing the works: there is a big chance to find already written work with the similar field of study taking some information from it and adding new research angles.

5. Getting Help from Advisor
In case you have tried all of the advice and still don’t come across the subject that interests you, ask your teacher, professor or talk to someone in your class you consider to be best essay writer. They may give you some fresh ideas on the interesting subjects or angles of the topic that you propose. It is also useful to look some ideas online: learn which topics are already researched and which may seem unexplored and therefore interesting to be further studied.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t find the topic that thrills you, pick something and start researching it: there is a big chance that you come across an interesting aspect of your field or you just ask your professor to change the chosen topic. It is always better to start a new work which flows itself rather than to continue to work struggling against boredom.

Interesting Essays Topics

Descriptive Essays

  1. What the term literature means to me
  2. The characteristics of a good leader
  3. The appeal of rock music
  4. How does bipolar disorder manifest in a patient?
  5. An analysis of the Last Supper by Michelangelo
  6. What makes a good parent in the 21st Century
  7. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are the perfect example of the meaning of “do not judge a book by its cover. Describe
  8. Describe music to a deaf person
  9. Why do we attribute animal characteristics to people?
  10. The best place I have visited in the US is …..

Narrative Essays

  1. Why I take an active role in fighting for women’s rights
  2. Why I chose to learn Mandarin Chinese
  3. My first day on the helpline of a crisis center
  4. Today I attended my first funeral
  5. The hardest thing I have ever had to do
  6. My career goals and how I am preparing for them
  7. The day I stopped believing in Santa Claus
  8. Living with OCD
  9. I work out for at least 30 minutes every day: this is why
  10. I believe in love at first sight

Process Analysis Essays

  1. How are robots used in car manufacture?
  2. How to make a pizza at home
  3. How to write a case study
  4. How do social problems become policy problems?
  5. The timeline of a volcanic eruption
  6. Food to fat: the metabolic process.
  7. Democracy in action. How was the will of the people demonstrated so significantly in the USA (Trump) and UK (Brexit) in 2016?
  8. What is the process for self-publishing an e-book?
  9. The process of finding the perfect roommate
  10. How does the human eye work?

Exemplification Essays

  1. The Digital Revolution is not as world-changing as the Industrial Revolution
  2. Terrorism is a fact of 21st century life
  3. Anti-heroes teach us better life lessons than heroes
  4. Racism is caused as much by xenophobia as it is by skin color prejudice
  5. The need for protective headgear in sports
  6. Welfare is a vicious cycle from which it is hard to escape
  7. Congestion and air pollution is related to the growing increase in private car ownership
  8. Theories sci-fi such as warp speed and time travel will remain fiction forever
  9. Euthanasia: People have the right to die
  10. Changing ecosystems can eventually lead to species extinction

Comparison and Contrast Essays

  1. What is the difference between anorexia and bulimia?
  2. “My cup is half full” vs “My cup is half empty”
  3. Yogurt v Kefir. Which is better for health and nutrition?
  4. Choose five different types of tea and explain their specific characteristics
  5. The Winter Olympics vs The Summer Olympics
  6. Collecting vs Hoarding
  7. Star Wars vs Harry Potter
  8. What are the benefits of living in dorms compared to living off campus?
  9. Japanese food vs Chinese food. What are the main differences?
  10. Explain the difference between a monologue and soliloquy with examples of both from Shakespeare’s plays.

Analogy Essays

  1. Life is like a box of chocolates
  2. Behind every successful man is a successful woman
  3. The experience of grief
  4. Television is candy for the mind
  5. Being an adolescent is like being the least important person in the room
  6. Analogies in George Orwell’s Animal Farm
  7. Symbols of love
  8. Books are not dying
  9. Explain the meaning of “he could sell snow to Eskimos” and “that’s like taking coals to Newcastle”
  10. There’s no success like failure

Classification Essays

  1. Best ways to use social media when you are a student
  2. How US citizens can reduce their energy use
  3. Characteristics of the main social media tribes
  4. The off-campus accommodation options for a student on a strict budget
  5. The range of devices with which you can access the internet
  6. The characteristics of the Millennial generation
  7. The legal classification of men and women
  8. What are the main classifications countries are defined by?
  9. Should cheerleading be classified as a sport?
  10. Social classes in the USA. Myths and realities

Cause and Effect Essays

  1. The selfie culture promotes negativity rather than celebrates the body positive image.
  2. The reduction in religious conviction makes divorce too easy.
  3. The physiological effects of insomnia
  4. Homeschooling produces a less-socially aware student
  5. The chemistry of water table pollution
  6. Russian’s Foreign Policy post-Cold War
  7. It is illiteracy that holds back the Developing World
  8. A sedentary lifestyle is a health risk
  9. Is it wise to skip classes at school?
  10. Does alcohol advertising cause social issues?

Definition Essays

  1. Define modesty and its place in the modern world
  2. What is gravity?
  3. The Meaning of Life: Is it 42?
  4. Describe asset stripping in the context of a company takeover
  5. Write an essay that defines humor
  6. What is organizational theory?
  7. Explain light refraction using the example of a glass prism
  8. The measures of success
  9. Modern Evils: Identify five and explain how they fit the definition
  10. The Big Bang Theory (not the TV series)

Argument and Persuasion Essays

  1. Donald Trump’s election victory was a direct result of President Obama’s policies
  2. Modern technology means traditional skills will disappear altogether in time
  3. The judicial system is not fair. Rapists receive more lenient sentences than drunk drivers
  4. More Americans should have passports and visit other countries
  5. Terrorism destroys the tourist industry
  6. Professional sportsmen are paid too much
  7. Americans do not recycle enough
  8. The Environment is at even greater risk if the USA pulls out of global agreements on climate management
  9. The Western World was healthier when it ate to the seasons rather than having every food available, all the time.
  10. More people should be encouraged to carry organ donation cards

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Good Research Paper Topics

research paper topics

Ideas for Health Research Topics

  1. The Power of the Mind
  2. Are there ways that Alzheimer’s disease might be prevented?
  3. Weight Loss Surgery – Aftercare
  4. Osteoporosis Development
  5. Autism in Adults
  6. Are there scientifically proven ways that one can prevent cancer?
  7. Obesity in Teenage Years
  8. Should euthanasia be considered assisted suicide?
  9. What role can research play in discovering a cure for AIDS?
  10. Basics of Melanoma
  11. What effects do alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis have on the human body?
  12. Remedies for Menopause
  13. Heart Attack Symptoms with Women
  14. Solutions to Urinary Continence
  15. What is the status of vaccination in our time?
  16. New Mastectomy Procedures

Topics on Technology

  1. Everything you wanted to know about Elon Musk.
  2. Are there any technological developments that will likely affect us in 2030?
  3. How did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs change the world?
  4. Can virtual reality be a satisfying substitute for actual reality?
  5. Can virtual reality substitute an actual reality?
  6. What impact did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have on the world?
  7. Does the average person have an impact on technological development?
  8. What technologies does NASA use to explore Mars?
  9. Best technological innovations of the year.
  10. Steve Jobs: man, who changed the world.
  11. Cloud storing: convenience or danger to personal data.
  12. How can we influence the technical progress?
  13. What technological innovations promise to change the third decade of the 21st century?
  14. What influence did cloud technologies have on online data storage?
  15. How did cloud technologies change data storing?
  16. Is Artificial Intelligence a potential technological accomplishment?
  17. With what technological devices does NASA investigate Mars?
  18. How do regular people influence the technological progress?

Topics on Business

  1. Reasons to start a new business after a failure
  2. Business ethics for the personnel and the manager: is it the same?
  3. Avoiding sexual harassment in a workplace
  4. Does taxation aim to kill small businesses?
  5. Is multitasking a productive method of work?
  6. Sexual harassment in the working environment.
  7. Taking responsibility for a company’s corporative ethics
  8. The business consequences of excessive work
  9. The need of ethical codes for companies
  10. Issues that occur during business startups
  11. Inter-organizational networks and leadership
  12. Service and product development in a strategic alliance
  13. Effective time management for big and small teams.
  14. Crisis management in an organization

Topics about Religion

  1. How do various religions oppress women?
  2. How does agnosticism balance between atheism and various religions?
  3. Cathedral architecture.
  4. Are we witnessing a new religion forming?
  5. Hinduism, the third largest religion.
  6. Intelligent Design.
  7. The worlds most famous holy heritage sites.
  8. The political context of the global religions throughout time.
  9. The Forgotten Apostles.
  10. The Roman Catholic clerical organization.
  11. Comparison of Gospels.
  12. Priests should be allowed to marry.
  13. What are reformed Baptist churches?
  14. The Great World religions.
  15. How to become a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church.
  16. The Bar Mitzvah ritual.
  17. The Ten Commandments.
  18. The story of the Black Madonna.

Research Paper Topics on Math

  1. Should high school math contests be banned?
  2. How do math geniuses understand extremely hard math concepts so quickly?
  3. Foundations of probability theory
  4. Multivariate Calculus
  5. Ordinary differential equations
  6. What is the relationship between music and math?
  7. Recursion Theory
  8. Foundation and history of Calculus
  9. Are math formulas ever used in real life?

Research Paper Topics on Culture

  1. Funeral Practices
  2. European Colonization of Africa
  3. How pop culture trends influence youth?
  4. The impact of advertisements and commercials on modern art
  5. Feminist Theory
  6. Cultural revolutions throughout history
  7. Should pregnant celebrities be exposed on magazine’s covers?
  8. Population and the Third World
  9. The most remarkable cultural achievements of the 20th century and their influence on our society
  10. Million Man March
  11. Demographic Characteristics of Los Angeles
  12. Gender and Communication Skills
  13. The roots of antisemitism
  14. The Individual and Society

Research Paper Topics Addressing Literature

  1. Ideological differences between Rudyard Kipling and George OrwellVictorian Literature
  2. Romance and sex in Renaissance
  3. American Literature
  4. Books on World War II: specific topics and typical characters.
  5. The prose of women suffrage movements
  6. The innovations in the writing style of William Shakespeare.
  7. Demarcation of class in the XVIII century: the theme of a vengeance.
  8. The theme of talent in Milton’s On His Blindness.
  9. Poetry of the World War I: the use of violent imagery.
  10. Contribution to English literature by Women writers
  11. Why do authors use metaphors and similes
  12. The manner of character evolution in the works of Charles Dickens.
  13. The dawn of literature on modern society
  14. The role of supernatural in Macbeth: a case study of the three witches.
  15. Indian writings in English
  16. The main characteristics of the works of the Lake Poets.
  17. A view of women in the works of William Shakespeare: a powerful character of Lady Macbeth.
  18. Influence of novels on sociological and political issues
  19. Is fanfiction considered an independent literature
  20. The theme of adultery in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.
  21. Fiction as an instrument of propaganda

Topics on Social Issues

  1. Dating violence among college students.
  2. Social media and suicide.
  3. Gender Identity and High-school bathrooms.
  4. The internet vs the social life.
  5. Different working and studying conditions for men and women in third world countries.
  6. Why women being wary of blind dating is a justified occurrence.
  7. Global citizenship: pros and cons.
  8. How to deal with social anxiety?
  9. Ethnicities that created the USA.
  10. White privilege as the bane of POC existence.
  11. Cases of workplace violence as the consequence of overworking.
  12. How to stop bullying in schools?
  13. Education disparit
  14. The Reverse Discrimination – myth or reality?
  15. Discrimination of the black women in modern day America.
  16. Procrastination
  17. How can one defend privacy issues on Facebook and other social media?
  18. Racial prejudice in housing and employment cases.
  19. Social media and bullying

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Informative Speech Topics 2019


  1. Should students learn programming languages in high school?
  2. How to develop creative abilities in class?
  3. Leadership studies for students: whom to teach students goal setting and persuasion?
  4. Integrating Philippine’s education system in our teaching culture
  5. Our online essay writing assistants helpful or harmful for the education of a particular student?
  6. Ways of releasing your inner nerd
  7. Aspects of using dioramas in the field of Geography
  8. Optical, Kinesthetic and Auditory learners: what are the discrepancies?
  9. Student’s benefits if university taxes are cut off
  10. Significant things that enhances efficient studying
  11. What are the noteworthy impacts of prejudices in schools
  12. How to find and proceed with information in a fun way?
  13. How does high school programs differ within different countries and why?


  1. Customer surveys will improve your business.
  2. A business should first and foremost take good care of their employees.
  3. Which personality traits are important to run a company?
  4. Brainstorming with co-workers will boost a company’s productivity.
  5. Is multi-level marketing beneficial?
  6. Business people must keep a diary and adhere to it religiously.
  7. What are the psychological tactics for marketing your brand?
  8. A dress code shouldn’t be necessary for an office.
  9. Successful business owners delegate well.
  10. Smoke breaks shouldn’t be allowed.
  11. Team building events are key to team motivation.
  12. Incentives largely manipulates employee’s performance
  13. What behavioural patterns should you know to run a company?
  14. Marketing as an investment and not an option.
  15. How to turn a hobby into a business?
  16. Why you should turn your passion into a business.
  17. There are businesses that you can start with no money.
  18. Why should you visit a psychologist before starting a business?
  19. Unique selling propositions is not necessary for success.
  20. People in the business environment shouldn’t have to hide their tattoo’s.

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  1. If everyone starts producing his or her own foods, what will be the effect on economic growth of our country?
  2. What is the average salary in different countries and why?
  3. Foreign investment and the monopoly of developed countries in foreign trade rules
  4. What is the economic crisis and how does it appear?
  5. Detail discussion on the economical growth of people’s republic of China
  6. How does progressive taxation impacts provision of social services
  7. Trade wars
  8. The Great Depression: history, reasons, effects
  9. Environmental economics- why it should become the center of research and policy
  10. Analysis on the necessity of education for the economy
  11. Impact of carbon dioxide emission on taxes
  12. Why doctors have different salaries in different countries?
  13. Dollar as the global currecy and its emerging competitors
  14. How to finance your education?
  15. Crucial information about applicable financial aid for different social groups.
  16. Social sector and the third world countries
  17. What is the impact of price and demand of agricultural products?
  18. Climate Change and policymaking
  19. Which countries offer free education and how does it affect the economy?


  1. Are environmental studies important for college students? Should it become a part of an educational plan?
  2. How did Elon Mask manage to get clean water from rubbish?
  3. Hundreds of thousands of species will go extinct by 2060.
  4. What are the major reasons behind growing genetically modified crops?
  5. Nuclear power is a good alternative energy source.
  6. Hunting sports harm the biodiversity.
  7. We are wasting the opportunity to waste less.
  8. Zero waste consumption: how implementable is the idea in modern society
  9. What are the phenomena for ever-increasing global warming?
  10. Shortage of water is a grave issue: reasons WHY!
  11. Buying durable goods will save the world.
  12. The necessity of prohibiting global warming NOW
  13. Keep your thermostat at 68 F in Winter and 72 F in Summer.
  14. Rubbish recycling plants: how effective are they
  15. What are the possible effects if we do not use finite resources wisely?
  16. How does meat production affect our environment?
  17. What are the outcomes of decaying environment?
  18. Benefits of implementing organic culture
  19. Reutilize and recycle: why should it be lessen down?
  20. Comments on the constantly growing trash patch on the Pacific ocean


  1. What are antibiotics and how does humanity get used to it? Why is responsible consumption important?
  2. Parents and coaches should reward children regardless of their performance.
  3. A team that works together is unstoppable.
  4. A baby is not an excuse to skip working out.
  5. Soccer is the best sport of all.
  6. Which kind of sport is the best option for health?
  7. Parents should not insult coaches from the side-lines.
  8. Exercise should be a daily routine.
  9. Sport teaches children about teamwork.
  10. Should food culture be a part of the educational process in high school or college?
  11. How does sugar influence human body?
  12. Coaches should never single out a player.
  13. Rugby is a dangerous sport.
  14. Why is child obesity such a common issue today?
  15. Competitive sport can teach us a lot about life.
  16. very amateur needs a pro mentor.
  17. Why everyone should get a sport massage once a week

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33 Argumentative Essay Topics


  • PE in curriculum
  • Top sport achievements
  • Positive and negative effect of steroids
  • Did Mike Tyson keep his popularity until today?
  • What are pros and cons of NCAA

Polemical topics

  • How to conduct gun control?
  • Government should provide more public and free schools
  • How to avoid IIIWW?
  • People have low salaries because of corruption
  • People have rights to study for free
  • Homosexual couples
  • How possible is financial crisis to stop?
  • Positive features of communism
  • Is SIC a good alternative of the former USSR?
  • Acceptance rates to universities are too low

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Art, Music and Cinema

  • Does modern cinematograph make any good to people?
  • Heavy metal vs hip-hop
  • How is cinema and music better than art?
  • Do artists make enough for living?
  • Is art well-paid?

Women’s issues topics

  • Women statistically do not make as much money doing the same work as their male counterpart. How do you feel about this?
  • Should abortion be legal?
  • Should the morning after pill be legal?
  • Should religious institutions have to provide birth control methods for their female employees, even if it goes against their religion?
  • Many say that legal prostitution is a women’s rights issue. How do you feel about this?

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Best 20 Ideas for Your Research Paper Topics

  1. Special classes with students who have disabilities.
  2. Paperwork vs. printing on computers.
  3. Smoking in public places consequences.
  4. Parents who pay twice: is education worth of it?
  5. Unborn victims of violence.
  6. Programs aimed to clone humans.
  7. Search for the main factors thanks to which relative equality has been achieved.
  8. NOW, National Organization for Women – any related topic.
  9. Global warming causes and effects in the closest future.
  10. Finding time to dedicate to charity.
  11. Changes in required standardized tests.
  12. How to protect abortion doctors and pregnant women.
  13. University education guarantees brilliant career.
  14. Government contribution to the public wealth.
  15. Discrimination in education.
  16. Women role in international politics has grown significantly.
  17. Search for what local control of education is about.
  18. The time a human being requires to reach the closest planets.
  19. Search for scientific evidence of abortion.
  20. Reverse discrimination.

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30 Best Research Paper Topics in 2019

Research Paper Topics on Environment

  1. Ocean pollution: unseen tragedies.
  2. What are the best ways to reduce global warming?
  3. Effective ways of reducing air pollution.
  4. How can alternative types of energy help to preserve Earth natural resources?
  5. How does global warming alter wildlife?
  6. Endangered species – how can we preserve them?
  7. Why do some believe global warming to be a hoax?
  8. Recycling. What did you do to make the world a better place?
  9. How did climate change in the recent 30 years?
  10. Drinking water for all – how can we achieve it?

Topics on Business

  1. Taxation: suicide for small enterprises.
  2. What are minimum wages around the world? Should The Universal Declaration of Human Rights control them?
  3. How do big corporations regularly break the laws and get away with it?
  4. Examples of the most prospering enterprises for the last 10 years.
  5. Is multitasking effective?
  6. Sexual harassment in the working environment.
  7. The best ways to become a marketing genius.
  8. How to generate successful business ideas.
  9. Google: how benefits can make your employees happy.
  10. Is multitasking a productive method of work?

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Topics on politics

  1. Is Vladimir Putin sponsoring global terrorism?
  2. The leading sponsor of world’s terrorism.
  3. How can world politicians unite against the threat that Russia poses?
  4. How Angela Merkel changed the EU.
  5. How did Angela Merkel change Europe?
  6. Impeachment against Donald Trump: will it happen?
  7. How to eliminate dictators by legal matters.
  8. Can South and North Korea be friends again?
  9. The consequences of Brexit for European values.
  10. Is Donald Trump ready for impeachment?

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20 Art History Research Paper Topic Examples

  1. The combination of different art styles in the extraordinary painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.
  2. Main similarities and differences between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.
  3. What are the peculiar features of Art Deco hotels in French Indochina?
  4. What was the influence of the Industrial Revolution on art development?
  5. Surrealism in Salvador Dali’s sculptures.
  6. The main features of late Baroque architecture (c. 1660 – c. 1725)
  7. Ancient Greek motifs in Michelangelo’s sculpture, David.
  8. What is so special about the light in Monet’s Sunrise?
  9. The connection between French caricatures of the 19th century and Goya’s prints.
  10. Is the majority of modern art a scam?
  11. Key changes in methodology in paintings at the epoch of Impressionism. The differences in paintings of two impressionists: Edgar Degas and Claude Monet.
  12. The role of Mughal paintings in forming the image of the Mughal kings in India.
  13. What is so unusual and unique in Russian icons?
  14. What were the primary aims of the camera obscura and how did it change throughout the years?
  15. Biblical motives in Leonardo da Vinci’s early paintings.
  16. Features of sculptures in ancient Greece. The influence of science on sculptures.
  17. Different mannerisms in Pablo Picasso’s paintings, from Art Nouveau to Cubism: evolution, or just separate periods in his oeuvre?
  18. Was sculpture art the main business in Venice?
  19. What were the main reasons of the Roman artistic style shift in the 4th century?
  20. The psychology of color in Kazimir Malevich’s works.

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